Promoting Web3 Competency

Supporting Hong Kong's vision of being a global web3 hub


As Hong Kong strives to develop into a Web3 hub, we develop a competent workforce

Break things without consequence

Unlike a full-time employee, students have the luxury of getting away with things (but don't push your luck). Use this chance to see what it is like to be a solution architect, product designer, tech or management consultant, or a tech startup founder WITHOUT facing the consequences of failure!

Find your tribe and build better relationships

Lifelong bonds have been forged through the fires of the International Blockchain Olympiad. Go find out who are your true brothers and sisters when the going gets tough!

Make your mother and land proud

You may have a chance to represent Hong Kong, while experiencing a rich plethora of diverse and intriguing perspectives, which you may bring back to enrich your community.

Challenge Themes

Projects shall be grouped based on their potential social, economic, and environmental impact